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Make a pledge, big or small, and show your support for live music broadcasting. Mentor young producers and performers and help discover the next Bono, Petty or Marley.

The Live Music Story - Three Videos

Young Producers In Action
Run time: 1:51

The 45 Year Story
Run time: 12:15


Save live music broadcasting  “as it happens” on radio (including Streaming radio), featuring exciting new and established artists, produced by young production people.  Click here to see the VIDEO STORY.

Help History
Repeat Itself

Live performance on radio and TV started 80 years ago, but waned in the late 50s. Then in the 60’s they were given new life by WBCN-FM, Boston and Sam Kopper, the station's first PD. Sam’s Starfleet Studios mobile unit broadcast fresh new artists including U2, The Police, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, Bob Marley, Tom Petty, Joe Cocker, The Cars, The Pretenders The Kinks, and more.


Most commercial stations’ playlists are dictated by research, preventing young new artists’ all-important live broadcast exposure. Non-commercial (mostly college) radio stations are the last remaining outposts for creative, music, but they can’t swing live broadcasts without affordable help like Sam Kopper provides.

Enjoy a Favorite Rare Live Track from Sam Kopper’s Vaults

Aerosmith - Big Ten Inch (1981)

Blondie - Sunday Girl (1979)

Ozzy Osbourne - Goodbye To Romance (1982)

Secret Love Affair - Delfeayo & Ellis Marsalis (2014)

Toots & The Maytalls - Country Road (1975


The Boston based mobile broadcasting studio ‘The Gypsy Dancer’ is a passionate and well-structured endeavor dedicated to supporting the creative arts and charity communities by providing live broadcasting opportunities across a wide spectrum of media, and we need your support.

Stop the Eroding Support for the Arts: 
Gone are the days when Boston commercial media outlets had the in-house ability to increase the value and awareness of a local event.  The abundance of artistic and charitable events have never been stronger throughout the Boston community but unfortunately, the art, skill, facilities, and ability to support these events via live coverage has been dramatically eroded with the ongoing homogenization of broadcasting outlets. 

And this has also eroded the hands on technical training and mentoring of the next generation of performers and producers.

A Mobile Solution:  The Gypsy Dancer is a mobile studio already working with some of Boston’s finest non-profit and for-profit broadcasting entities.   We have two program series in production and on the air and two others in pre-production. We have co-development and co-production arrangements with Berklee College of Music, Emerson College, the University of MA/Boston, WGBH FM, WERS-FM, and WUMB-FM.  We have all this in place. We NEED your help to finish!
The Gypsy Dancer brings 45 years of experience led by broadcasting icon Sam Kopper and scores of talented performers, producers, and engineers who have been producing special live music concert broadcasts and audio for TV and other electronic media. Much of this work was at WBCN/Boston. Even more has been produced for national and worldwide radio, TV, streaming, and CD distribution, including  U2, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley & The Wailers, James Taylor, the worldwide radio feed of Live Aid, and hundreds more.

Your Impact:  The energy and passion to keep arts, colleges, and charities vibrant and relevant is generated by all of us.  The mobile studio is 90% completed already and active in the community, but the debt of launching the project is threatening its longevity. The Gypsy Dancer has the projects in place to sustain and flourish if we can pay off the debt, and make important mobile unit improvements. Together we can utilize this fundraiser to fully accomplish two goals:

  1. Support arts, artists, and charitable projects by providing exciting content for non-commercial and commercial radio, streaming services, the internet, satellite broadcasting and audio for other media
  2. Help teach and train and encourage new generations creative techniques and tools by utilizing experienced personnel and our state-of-the-art mobile production unit.

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