Locomote develops and produces content for traditional and new media, our specialty is on-location live events. Partnering with schools, colleges, universities, non-commercial and commercial radio stations we create engaging programming content while teaching, inspiring, and mentoring aspiring young writers, producers, and performers.

Gypsy Dancer's Mission

Two Linked Missions:


For present young and future generations, preserve and propagate humanity’s most personal medium - Radio (and audio for visual media)- the full panoply of the human voice combined with other sound elements including music, sound effects, ambient sound, and more, creating content of music, humor, social and political commentary, spiritualism, storytelling, and all other possibilities of the human voice and the world of sound. Radio is the human voice and other sound that is delivered via all manner of present (digital, streaming) and as yet un-invented technologies.


As we have for 40+ years (including Locomote's Sam Kopper's previous companies), we talent-scout and hire young creators. Using a unique specifically designed state-of-the-art “green powered” mobile unit, the “Gypsy Dancer” we inspire, excite, train, and mentor new generations in the audio arts; and, with them, co-create compelling new content for non-commercial radio and other media. While we are particularly focused on “Radio Theatre,” the audio arts also include sound for TV, film, and other media.

Working with colleges, other social and community organizations, we teach and mentor college students and postgraduates in audio production and performance, with primary focus on location (“remote”) production, which, by definition means gathering sound and producing directly from where the people live, work, and play. It is a whole other world “out there,” beyond the controlled studio environment!

Notably, while multiple Boston area colleges and universities offer training and facilities for traditional studio origination, not a single one offers facilities and training in the exciting, socially relevant, and vibrant area of location production. The Locomote Media mobile unit is a unique and critical production tool, providing the students with exceptional opportunities to produce and transmit from almost any location.